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Mottes furniture store in Romano d'Ezzelino Vicenza

MOTTES FURNITURE means entering a large store.

MOTTES FURNITURE è Qualityà and Service! Choose Mottes Mobili means: professionalismà and qualityà of a large company, where large shop are not born but it becomes over time, through the consent of the public. &Nbsp; Turn on the Italian and international market before 1950. It also means to feel surrounded with attention and service from design to delivery, by chanceà to request a custom furniture and custom, and a’ assistance continues over time.

Our goals

- Always ensure the ultimate customer satisfaction, essential value on which to determine the prioritiesà management and operating of’ company
- Promote at all organizational levels the culture of qualityà
- Consider the staff of’ a partner organization for the achievement of the expected results
- Comply with the features of the product and service provided
- Monitor the reputation of the brand, satisfaction and any requests of each client
- Pursue l’ optimization of business processes in order to achieve the highest level of effectiveness and efficiency
- Adopt operational models that allow for the timely resolution of any complaint received