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Living in the lounges are prominent actors of space dedicated to socializing and rest.

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Living rooms

We have in the living room of the Salotti elements in different ways, as well as decide for a sofa provided with a comfortable easy chair or an ottoman matched. Living in the lounges are actors leading space dedicated to socializing and rest. The living Salotti host us in the time of rest: the items chosen are comfortable, with a quality padding and able to offer those who sit the proper support. Before choosing the salons for the living, we must assess the shape of our internal and its functions, which will specify the choice of a sofa with two or more seats and armchairs to match you. The most current Salotti are provided with deep seats and for frutore who also wants systems to lower the backrest and pull the seat. Lounges corner, linear, but also, for those who do not have much space, sofa beds, convertible to the question whether. The Salotti companies offer a full range of compositions to meet the demands of each of us.