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Bathroom cabinet in stoneware

Bathroom cabinet with suspended elements

Not only bathroom furniture but also accessories included in the concept for the bathroom by Baxar. This suspended bathroom furniture è belonging to the series of Baxar models that favor maximum design; for l’ Bathroom furniture. The bathroom on the day d& # 39; today not è più only a service room, but has assumed the same importance as the remaining rooms. L’ Bathroom furniture makes compositions available to give shape to design solutions of great design. L’ Bathroom furniture of the Baxar brand includes furnishing solutions with great charm, excellent finishes and refined lines. The suspended bathroom furniture in ceramic by Baxar embellishes the bathroom in a modern style with practicality; and style. In our exhibition you will be able to discover different solutions of bathroom furniture by Baxar to decorate the environment of well-being.

Modern style bathroom cabinet with stoneware top with integrated Surf handle, Tutto Fuori 60R Icon collection washbasin and rectangular mirror 160x70cm. Top 160cm long, 180cm long base, 195cm high of the complex and 26-agrave depth; of the same 50.5cm. All available at € 4,410.00 with finishes of your choice, shipping varies from 30 to 35 days.

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