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If you want compositions for the sleeping area in a modern style, among the beds of the Mottes Mobili signature, this example &is; for you. To complete your room, you will then choose the bed linen, which will enhance the room with their colors. In our showroom we provide you with useful tips on how to organize your room in a modern style. Among the wooden beds of the Mottes Mobili signature, here is a fascinating proposal for the sleeping area of your home. Your sleeping area, furnished with modern style furniture by Mottes Mobili will welcome you; in moments of rest. The products from Mottes Furniture for the bedroom are reliable and with a certain style. With this example in wood by Mottes Mobili you can furnish your sleeping area obtaining the style that più represents your style. Price € 1,150.00 Bed frame variant, € 1,550.00 Container variant. Item ready for delivery with material finishes of your choice. Bed base included in the price, mattress apart.

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