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Double bed with fabric upholstery

Container bed in fabric

Bed with a solid base covered in fabric that acts as a useful container for storing household linen. Two airy cushions with an elegant embossed border soften the appearance of the backrest.

Container double bed with wooden structure and completely removable fabric cover, equipped with wooden slatted base, available in 160x190cm and 160x210cm sizes, included in the price. Bed available in container version at € 1,300.00 or without container at € 1,100.00. With finishes of your choice, delivery times range from 40 to 50 days.

With the wooden bed models from LeComfort you can shape the ideal bedroom. LeComfort offers modern style beds for the sleeping area, perfect for optimizing space. The sleeping area è space of rest that più of other rooms it interprets the taste of those who use it and for this reason it must be furnished with great care. In the bedroom there are many components that equip the environment and the functions. Objective of the design of the sleeping area è a place devoted to great comfort, welcoming, refined.

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