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Double bed with raised edges

Container bed in fabric

The point and the line dominate the geometry of this bed with a refined fabric covering. Elegant buttons outline the soft padding of the headboard, giving way to the sophisticated relief border, which frames the entire base, as if to suggest the hidden, yet precious, container space.

Container double bed with wooden structure and completely removable fabric cover, equipped with wooden slatted base, available in 160x190cm and 160x210cm sizes, included in the price. Bed available in container version at € 1,300.00 or without container at € 1,100.00. With finishes of your choice, delivery times range from 40 to 50 days.

The furnishings of the LeComfort brand for the bedroom are reliable and provided with a good aesthetic result. In our store we offer you valuable insights on how to furnish your room in a modern style. With this wooden model by LeComfort you can furnish your sleeping area by generating the look that più interpret your style. To complete your room, you will then choose the textiles, which will enhance the room with their colors. Among the wooden beds of the LeComfort brand, here is a highly appealing solution for the sleeping area of your home. Your sleeping area, designed with the modern style furnishings of the LeComfort brand, will welcome you; in the time of rest. If you want proposals for the bedroom in a modern style, among the beds of the LeComfort brand, this model is for you.

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