Kitchens in your special care should be paid to the choice of finishes for kitchen tops, which, durable, should ensure a high degree of resistance to use. The arrangement of the kitchens at the corner or on a wall, the choice of the island, the appliances will determine the aesthetics of the room.


To keep ahead or keep books and small items will be useful in a library stays on the ground or suspended if the space does not amplio. Stays in has its right place the conversation area where we will place one or more padded to combine with armchairs and ottomans and a coffee table.

Tables and Chairs

In dining, as separate or organized in the living, the choice of tables and chairs bound to the free space. In today's homes the whole kitchen setting with the living room and then there 'more a clear distinction between tables and chairs for the two environments.


In the sleeping area, in addition to the bed system, in which they are combined the bedside tables, living the wardrobe with hinged opening or sliding door, or walk-in closet. In the sleeping area, in addition to the bed system, in which they are combined the bedside tables, c


The living Salotti host us in the time of rest: the items chosen are comfortable, with a quality padding and able to offer those who sit the proper support. Lounges corner, linear, but also, for those who do not have much space, sofa beds, convertible to the question whether.

Children's rooms

According to the particular expectations, the size, the shape of the room of the small, choose how to place the furniture in the Children's bedrooms: bed, desk, closet. The furniture for your children's bedrooms follows while growing pandering expectations that evolve.

Bathroom furniture

The Bathroom furniture offers various ideas for decorating small bathrooms or long and narrow, in the name of aesthetics and practicality. The rich collection of compositions for the bathroom furniture meets the tastes and needs of those who want to decorate the bathroom or change the furniture.


The accessories must be chosen and must be distributed carefully, in order that everything is balanced in style and colors. Our complements tell us: perci be chosen unhurried, according to expectations and desires.


If you're used to stand on the side you opt for a more soft mattress, in which the shoulder can sink. The mattress should be turned on under fortnightly in the first quarter, so that the settling.


There are sliding doors, doors with hinged doors, Folding doors, flush with the wall doors. The wide range of aesthetic possibilities also in terms of ports, gives us the opportunity to characterize every door in every detail.