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Double bed with central capitonné

Container bed in fabric

A flat and regular frame encloses and brakes the lively geometric representation suggested by the important capitonné central, sealed by elegant fabric buttons or by refined decorative crystals, reflections of light that interrupt the uniform shadeà of the surface. Monet's balance is expressed in the calm dialogue between lines and volumes in the presence of a cladding with a 26-rsquo; identityà classically elegant.

Container double bed with wooden structure and partially removable fabric cover, equipped with wooden slatted base, available in 160x190cm and 160x210cm sizes, included in the price. Bed available in container version at € 1,600.00 or without container at € 1,400.00. With finishes of your choice, delivery times range from 40 to 50 days.

LeComfort's modern-style beds will allow you to organize your bedroom with taste. Durability and comfort: these are the aspects that, together with a good aesthetic result, distinguish the solutions of the sleeping area. You will see in our shop this type of fabric beds and its qualities. The modern style beds, including this proposal, ensure all the excellence of the LeComfort brand. LeComfort designs furniture for the sleeping area with which to tastefully decorate the place aimed at rest according to completely personal requests.

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