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Double bed with fabric upholstery

Container bed in fabric

L’ essential geometry of Phil's lines, inherent in the reserved air of the Nordic style, becomes a metaphor for a secret search for stasis that stops the frenetic rush of everyday life, where the lively padding of the headboard flows into ordered and parallel modules horizontal, at the limit and border of a base with solid and regular proportions that incorporates a precious and practical space-saving area with silent tenacity.

Container double bed with wooden structure and completely removable fabric cover, equipped with wooden slatted base, available in 160x190cm and 160x210cm sizes, included in the price. Bed available in container version at € 1,200.00 or without container at € 1,000.00. With finishes of your choice, delivery times range from 40 to 50 days.

LeComfort's modern-style bed proposals will please the moreù people; demanding, looking for solutions from the best brands. Designing your own sleeping area means characterizing the environment dedicated to sleeping at will. If you are looking for beautiful and practical furniture that guarantees aesthetic appearance and durability, this model of fabric beds by LeComfort è ciò that's right for you. The furniture of the sleeping area represents così like any interior of the house, your needs: minimal or più traditional. We will show you the wide range of beds of the LeComfort brand in our shop.

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