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Kids bedroom in lacquered wood

Single bedroom in wood

In the bedrooms our children spend a lot of time of the day. In our exhibition center we distribute the bedrooms of the Mottes Mobili brand and we guide you in the choice of all& # 39; furnishing of your furniture and accessories. The bedrooms need to be a comfortable and practical space, where you can devote yourself to school, have fun, relax. In our exhibition center you will find this children's room solution from Mottes Mobili. With this product from Mottes Mobili made to measure children's bedrooms, you will have durability and aesthetic value, an agreement suitable for giving shape to the environment of the little ones. With this type of bespoke bedroom in matt lacquer you can discover how to perfectly design the space where your children will grow up. Lacquered wood bedroom with Box Sofa with lifting mechanism, walk-in closet and suspended desk with wall units. Items made to order with front finishes and customizable handles. Customizable sizes on request. Composition with a maximum height of 258cm. Overall dimensions visible on the plan. Our offer è of € 2,470.00 excluding internal linear cabin equipment, chair and mattress.  

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