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Metal and wood bookcase

Grafic model libraries a product branded Orme, a great compinibilityà with various sizes and finishes of the materials. Refined, the model of Orme metal containers bears witness to a current appeal, ensuring all the qualityà of the Orme brand. Modularityà of elements and varietiesà of finishes make this model of Orme containers the right choice to design your premises according to personal tastes. Libertà and multiple solutions in the same stylistic dimension: the metal model of Orme makes shapes, colors and design ideas available to compose freely; their premises. Thanks to the right combination of aesthetics and technology, this model of Orme containers will beà capable of guaranteeing you articulated projects of great personality; for your home. The proposal of containers in the metal finish of Orme makes available precious ideas for customization for your home.

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