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Ground sideboard with drawers

POINT 02 è an article branded Orme, a well-known company from Veneto.  Cuoio ash frame and sides, drawers with Nebbia matt lacquered sides and top, Tufo matt lacquered finish Linea handle. Erica base in burnished finish. L 2416 x H 680 x P 420 mm, è a made-to-order item with the optionà choice of material finishes, such as the attached photos. If you have the intention to characterize the interiors with wooden containers, this model &isgrave; the best proposal for your home. This product allows to better characterize the interior of the house and to make the rooms livable according to the needs of the house; personal. This wooden model, among the Orme signature containers, thanks to the rich collection of available finishes, transformerà each environment in a stylish place to live and exhibit. The model of wooden containers of the Orme signature that we illustrate, è characterized by a personal design and è it was designed to open unprecedented horizons of functionality; in a modern style. A current and excellent proposal among the Orme containers, a sartorial project designed to creatively give life to the furnishing of one's own environments.

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