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Contemporary minimal living wall wire

Minimum wire-to-wall port

Porta  A satin-wall  Which is not c&. The Etereaè collection; Designed to furnish a modern home,   Is mounted on a corridor wire, with the possibility of 26-agrave; Openable to push or pull, made with a system  Of patented and realized jars  In plaster or plaster version. Combined with the jambè Offer a wide range  Of panels with possibilità Finishing tempera  Which makes the door completely invisible in the context of the room. Who searches for a minimal design può choose  Between 26 to 39 full range of ral colors or among many valuable essences. Resistance and indeformabilityà Door panels, adhesive sealants and resistance to abrasion and humidityà ripple. Available in three dimensions of width  70/80/90 and halted 210 cm.

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