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Modern bookcase in matt lacquered wood

The living room requires careful planning and its furniture must be arranged so that it is easy to use; the furniture and objects respond to the different functions for which they are intended but also offer a certain style. L’ Living room furniture must be functional, to ensure the comfortà indispensable to those who occupy the premises and to those who will be; welcomed. This proposal belongs to the range of modern style bookcases by Orme and esaudirà fully your wishes. Orme meets the demands of contemporary homes with this versatile model that è capable of containing, but also embellishing the living area. Here you will find the qualitiesà that distinguish this model of wooden bookcases among the rich range of Orme. In the living room we spend the time of rest and relationships. The modern style solution of bookcases combines linearityà aesthetics and reliability, to propose compositions pleasing to the eye and functional. Stays are an environment of the house that is so inhabited and appreciated by us. Modern bookcase length 273cm, height 224cm, depth 26-agrave; drawers 47.8cm, bookcase depthà 42cm.  Article made to order with customizable material finishes, to choose from those shown in the images.  Our offer starts at € 2.000,00 with ash finishes, and matt lacquer.

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