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Sofa bed with peninsula

This sofa solution with fabric upholstery embellishes your spaces with style without forgetting technology. The Salotti designed by Hopplà they perfectly furnish the living area used for socializing and resting. Relax in the living room, where you will welcome your people. Modern style for the Hopplà sofas, which we sell in our exhibition, where you can buy all the pieces of furniture to design your living room. Resistant soul and soft seat for the modern style sofa model by Hopplà ;. Sofa bed with peninsula, covered in fabric of your choice, length 256x160cm, height 100cm. Item made to order in 40 working days, with customizable material finishes. Our offer è of € 1,600.00. Also available the model with length 296x160cm, at € 1.800,00. 

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