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Independent spring mattress

1600 independent micromoles - 1 side memory

Mattress with 1600 independent micromolls and one side in memory foam available in a queen size of 120x190-200cm for €850.00. The mattress is also available in a king size of 160x190-200cm for €1,150.00. Internal structure: approximately 24 cm high. Differentiated support: Side A: medium - soft Side B: medium - firm Reversible. Solid description: Side A: 4 cm gel layer with 5 differentiated support zones that self-adjusts based on weight and body shape. Central part: support system made of pocketed steel micromolls with 7 differentiated support zones. Side B: 4 cm water cell layer with 5 differentiated support zones. New generation foam that provides high resilience, softness, and elasticity. 2 types of available cover: - VIROSAN: Height of finished mattress: approximately 27 cm. The Virosan fabric treatment combines silver technology with the technology of the fat vesicle, acting as a booster and rapidly destroying viruses through physical contact. It provides effective protection against contamination and transmission of dangerous viruses and bacteria. - NATURE 3D: Height of finished mattress: approximately 27 cm. It is a fabric that represents a perfect combination of nature and technology. The linen and cotton fibers perfectly blend with special techno fibers that enhance antibacterial, anti-mite, antistatic, and thermoregulating characteristics.

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