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sliding doors Maronese Raised ACF model with four doors

sliding doors brand Maronese Raised ACF model with four doors

This sceda, our company Mottes furniture, offers the brand doors Maronese ACF model RAISED  discounted by 30 # 37. This è solution; ideal to separate your wardrobe from the rest of the room, or divide large spaces,   using a sliding door system, both rail  suspended ceiling and on the wall track, without having-26 -nbsp; no track fixed on the floor.
This solution allows you to separate  large environments without losing the full freedomà of choice to interpret different environments by type and style, always with great functionalityà and aesthetic sense.
The series  RAISED  pu&memorize options be  consists of two fixed panels and  two sliding. The chassis you can&memorize options choose from brushed aluminum, painted white or painted matt cocoa.
The ports  can be paneled with  solid glass panels is  transparent in various matt colors, such as those illustrated  in& # 39; attached form ,   thickness of 6 mm, as illustrated in the pictures. Also can be high choices from 2 meters to 2.7 meters long and between 3.3 meters to  4.5 meters.
In the price, which varies  depending on both the number of doors that the type of glass used,   is inclusive  all the kit necessary for the fixing of rails and closing kit slowed .
Chanceà to customize your doors and eventually deliver them home.

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