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Cloe with oval oak frame doors provence

Corner kitchen with home appliance columns.

A beautiful Cloe style oak door frame oak finish provides a 22-mm thick leaf. In alchocell laminate, with the wood grain with a light porosità .- 26-nbsp; The size of this composition is the left wall of 214 cm. The right wall 259 cm. The columns have a size of 240 cm. Column length and wall hangings 212 cm. A beautiful branded kitchen Arredo 3 kitchens a well-known product a well-known Venetian company, to a great qualityà We have selected Candy branded appliances a good product all in class A the particularsà Of the Sempione model wall-mounted hood, all in stainless steel 90 cm. autofiltrante. The fridge freezer 250 lt. With the three freezer drawers at the bottom, the 70 cm hob. Five steel burners, the modern 65 liter stainless steel oven. The d& # 39; 4 cm angular support. è In light-finish laminate with a good resistance to 26-watt wear; Slightly scratch-resistant. Our discounted offer for this Cloeè kitchen; Of Euro 4.400, 00 complete with Candy Electrodeemics.

Images of details of the Cloe model kitchen with frame.

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