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Mirror With metal edge

Mirrors  with painted metal edge. A dress with a modern and exclusive look by Mottes Mobili, model of mirrors in the glass finish, with first attention to details, shapes and materials, perfectly matched to build a unique style. The mirror model of the Mottes Mobili brand presented here returns an approach to the design of its environments that favors solutions with a high level of customization, to create moods that reflect taste and needs; of each. Not only aesthetic content but also technology: among the mirrors, this model guarantees comfort and usabilityà that we all require from the furnishings of our home. Inside our exhibition you can buy this model of glass mirrors from the Mottes Mobili brand to decorate your home. Complement ready for delivery, offered at € 240.00. Available in the dimensions: Height 90cm, maximum width 50cm, depthà 5cm and Height 76cm, Maximum width 40cm, depth 26-agrave; 5cm. 

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