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Painted wood mirror

Due to the perfect combination of aesthetics and technology, this model of Mottes Mobili mirrors will be able to provide you with highly fascinating design solutions for your home. Elegant, the wooden model of Mottes Mobili mirrors becomes an expression of a current mood, ensuring all the excellence of the Mottes Mobili brand. The proposal of wooden finish mirrors by Mottes Mobili offers excellent opportunities for customization for your home. Creative flair and various solutions in the same stylistic dimension: the wooden model of Mottes Mobili offers shapes, colors, and design ideas to freely create your own environments. Modular elements and a variety of finishes make this model of Mottes Mobili mirrors the right choice for designing your spaces according to your style. Ready-to-deliver furniture with customizable finishes. Mirror with dimensions of 100x100cm priced at €310.00, 70x70cm at €180.00, and 50x50cm at €170.00.

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