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Kitchen Type and Measurements Compositions

Linear kitchen

È ideal in the presence of long and narrow spaces or when c’ è a single useful wall, all to be customized.
For optimal flows, it is better if the worktop includes a support area and food preparation between washing and cooking.

Corner kitchen

Perfect even in small spaces, it allows optimal movement flows with the sink, stove and refrigerator nearby and an operating area in the middle. The oven built into the tall units is very practical.

Kitchen with Peninsula

The kitchen with peninsula è mainly used in open spaces when the living room and kitchen are soì communicating; the protruding plane è useful both as a snack and work surface. È a hood with high suction power is recommended.

Kitchen With Island

The kitchen with Island è perfect for conviviality, it requires large spaces and particular attention to electrical and plumbing systems, which should be set up right from the design of the environment.

The right measures of a kitchen

Evaluate the measures to be taken in the kitchen è a very delicate phase, which decisively affects liveability; dell’ environment. It is necessary to take into account the connections to the various users, the regulations in force in your country and obviously guarantee the opening of doors and drawers. But not only: è it is also necessary to allow the right movement for people, starting from the conformation of the room, from the height of the ceilings, or from any impediments of any kind, thus balancing; technical design requirements.

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