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Opening systems and internal mechanisms

Kitchen handles and knobs

There are many ways to customize a kitchen, one of these è the choice of the opening system.

Bridge handle


Recessed handle


The Knob


Handle in Riga


Profile handle


The integrated groove system at the door

Horizontal or vertical groove profiles which, thanks to their versatility, allow to satisfy any aesthetic and constructive need of modern kitchens.
Especially when there is needà to open large doors the vertical groove system è undoubtedly among the più valid from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Gola Plana Without Machining


Gola Plana with 30 ° handle


Gola Plana Handle L


Throat In Line Handle 460


Groove In Line Handle 30 °


Gola In Line Handle L


The Internal Mechanisms

Extractable Columns

Spin Extractable Group


Maxi Column Extractable Group


Lavido Kessebohmer Extractable Group


Extractable Group 12 Baskets


Extractable Bases

Standard Extractable Mechanism

Lux Removable Mechanism


Extractable Doors For Corner Bases

Crescent Baskets (Corner Base)

Extractable group (Corner base)


Plus Extractable Group (Corner base)


Fly Moon Extractable Group (Corner base)


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