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Modern bookcase in matt lacquered wood

Every response of modern style bookcases to your expectations guarantees reliability, an indispensable value for Orme. Free your creativityà combining the modules of this wooden proposal by Orme, to be daring, but with taste! Orme offers many possible versions with the diversified range of bookcases for the living room. The example of Stays in a modern style è designed by Orme to combine style, thanks to the linear structure, and functionalityà ;. Thanks to the rich offer of shadesà and finishes available for this example of bookcases, you can get a composition that follows the trends, or più classical. In today's living rooms we need versatile compositional solutions that are able to best equip the walls, such as the wooden example of Orme. Modern bookcase with drawers, length 243cm, height 187.5cm, depth 26-agrave; drawers 47.8cm, depthà bookcase 32.8cm. Item made to order with customizable material finishes, chosen from those shown in the images. Our offer starts at € 1,700.00 with matt lacquered finishes.

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