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Modern TV wall system in Lacquered Wood

The offers of Orme in a modern style personalize your stays thanks to their capacityà to define the environment in a new way. The type of bookcases in the matt lacquered finish that we offer you è a great investment if you want a piece of furniture designed to last. Orme's type of matt lacquered bookcases meets the taste of più customers; demanding. Visit our showroom where you can discover newsà for the living room of excellent workmanship signed by Orme. The possible solutions with the elements of this type of bookcase can emphasize the style of the living rooms of each home. If you are looking for solutions capable of embellishing living rooms and any interior with style, this solution by Orme is for you. Actualità ;, practicalityà ;, duration characterize the matt lacquered bookcases for the Stays of Orme. Modern composition with ground base with drawers, TV compartment, open compartments and display cabinet, with a total length of 306cm, height 187.5cm, depthà drawers 42cm, depthà structure 32.8cm.  Item made to order with customizable material finishes, chosen from those shown in the images. Our offer starts at € 2.300,00 with ash and matt lacquered finishes.

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