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Bolzano mattresses

There Mottes furniture, Viale Europa, 7 Romano d'Ezzelino in the province of Vicenza. We are waiting with the best-known brand products, tips and all new furniture solutions. Visit our shop, the place to learn about the best furniture architects. In our shop Mattresses very close to Bolzano take care to follow us in the design of your furniture and you'll set up an accurate transport and assembly service. We carry out visits for the verification of measures, we'll set up an accurate nell'arredo consulting service, the transport and installation and service after purchase. Open: 09:00 - 15:00 12:00 - 19:30 and are closed on Monday and Sunday. Please contact us to buy your furniture. If you want a shop Mattresses in Bolzano and surroundings, come and visit us and you can choose from many offers of mattresses that we resell. We are waiting with lots of tips and any new furniture solutions. You can find a cheaper price on our products Outlet . For your needs please contact Mr Jhonny. Inside to our shop around the corner from Bolzano you can choose from the many of the most well-known brand offers.