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If you would Mottes furniture, Viale Europa, 7 36060 Romano d'Ezzelino in the province of Vicenza. We also provide a nell'arredo support service, with follow-up visit for the measurement of space, and post purchase. In our showroom, with the collaboration of the best professionals you will see how to decorate the perfect home for you and how to enter the solutions you choose. Come and visit us in our showroom, where you can find everything to do with individual mattresses. We are at your disposal to furnish with you beautiful and functional living spaces. Our showroom is the perfect place to meet the most proposals for new single mattresses. You can see furniture on offer on our Outlet . For your needs please contact Mr Jhonny. You will be joined by the best furniture professionals, who will teach you the choice of furniture for your home. We offer a meticulous home furniture assembly service. Would you like a showroom of single mattresses for your home? within our showroom you can buy furniture of the best companies, you will have tips and ideas. Open: 09:00 - 15:00 12:00 - 19:30 and are closed on Monday and Sunday.