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We are open 09:00 - 15:00 12:00 - 19:30 and are closed on Monday and Sunday. We also offer a support service in the design, with surveys for the measurement of space, and post purchase. You can see furniture on offer on our Outlet . For your needs please contact Mr Jhonny. Let us visit our store at night area near Trento; the ideal place to learn about the furnishing of interior designers who will help you in the selection of furniture for your home. You can choose furniture Mottes, Viale Europa, 7 Romano d'Ezzelino in the province of Vicenza. We will welcome you with furniture of the best companies, tips and all new furniture solutions. Please contact us to buy your furniture: we give you a precise fitting service. With our interior designers can define how to decorate your home you want to have and how to include solutions that will buy. Our store specializes in a place near Trento and on hand to decorate with you functional spaces. In our store at night area near Trento you can buy countless best companies.