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Mamy armchair with roller system

Soft and welcoming lines, careful details and excellent comfort, Mamy revisits the classic style of the reclining armchair with character and flair. Mamy is a lift recliner chair that is meticulously designed in every detail to provide the utmost comfort. This model is created with simple yet refined features that give it a distinct and bold character, in perfect harmony with softness and absolute relaxation. The armchair is available in fabric, with customizable finishes, at €900.00. Also available with the roller system accessory for an additional €100.00. Delivery time ranges from 40 to 50 working days. Measurements in the photo.

• TOTAL RELAXATION: a position of complete extension of the armchair to achieve the bed function.

• TV POSITION: a position that, thanks to the opening of only the footrest, allows for comfortable TV viewing.

• LIFT FUNCTION: thanks to the LIFT function, it is possible to lift the seat. This position helps the user in case of motor difficulties.

Lift-Relax armchair made with a motorized mechanism. The sturdy structure is assembled with exterior and interior parts made of wood conglomerate (plywood and solid wood) covered with indeformable polyurethane foam. Not removable. PVC feet.

Relaxit aims to make moments of rest the best throughout the day with massaging armchairs and recliner chairs that help with daily mobility.

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