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Cleo Kitchen Furniture 3 kitchens.

Quality moden kitchen in laminate.

Cloe a kitchen from the Arredo 3 kitchen kitchens a basic linear composition where we can make everything stand at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality. We combine neutral colors with hemp and sand, so that we do not tie to any type of furniture, we can put this kitchen into many types of home. All appliances are in Class A Candy branded sink with a hob allows us d& # 39; Insert the 60-inch total drain dishwasher from 16 covers  With 10 programs a pretty qualityà home appliance. The fridge è From 220 lt. With the freezer at the top, the four-burner gas hob with black grilles, the 65-liter modern 65-liter stainless steel oven. The hoodè Recessed into the self-refractory model Easy. The 26th-26th floor of the kitchen è In 4 cm laminate. In gray portland finish, with a good wear resistance. Our discount offer è Euro 3.400, 00  For a kitchen marked Decorate 3 kitchens.

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