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Full kitchen with Ariston appliances

A beautiful kitchen in the Mottes Mobili model Cloe collection, we used two finishes,   Finned vein with the open grain open grain, with the doors of the countertops contrasting with a tonalità più Strong, even shiny, all handles in satin steel. Doors and drawer fronts have a thickness of 2 cm. Of qualità Italian for a kitchen that lasts for a while, at an affordable price. All drawers and doors have slammed closures with Blomotion hardware. The floor& # 39; support è 4 cm. Laminated in basalt finish, for a wear resistance to resell over time. We have included all Ariston branded appliances in the class A, the 220 liter freezer fridge. With the 20 lt. Top freezer compartment. The cooking hob è Aesthetic black induction to four zones  Digital displey, The sink two stainless steel tanks  Foster branded satin, the 65-liter black aesthetic modern oven. Non è Including dishwasher. A nice kitchen at a great price with qualityà Guaranteed by Mottes Mobili at a price of Euro 3,600, 00

Details to choose for your new Cloe kitchen model, from the color of the doors, to the worktop in various shades, to the shape of the handles.

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