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Cloe glossy white finish and hemp.

Full kitchen with Candy appliances with high oven.

A linear kitchen with a length of 330 cm. Column length and wall hangings 212 cm. The particolarità Of the steel and glass hood and the high furnace. It is part of the Cloe branded Furniture 3 kitchens of the famous Venetian company. The drawers and front drawers have a thickness of 20 cm. All with sliding closures with iridescent blumotion. We chose two contrasting shades of glossy white for the wall hangings, bases and columns in hemp, all with 32cm-inch handles.   The floor& # 39; support è With a thickness of 4 cm. In ground finishing, a good high-resistance material d& # 39; wear. All appliances are branded Candy in class A the 220 liter fridge with 20lt freezer compartment. The 60-degree four-burner gas hob with black grates, the 65-liter steel oven, the sink, two deep-deep stainless steel tanks.  Our discount offer è Of Euro 3,000, 00 for a qualityà kitchen, of the Cloe collection.

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