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Furnishing your sleeping area means characterizing the environment dedicated to relaxation according to needs. L& # 39; furniture of the  Sleeping area reflects your needs like every room in the house: minimal or più linked to tradition. Zg Mobili's modern style bed offers will please più customers; demanding, who want products from the best brands. You will discover the complete collection of models of the Zg Mobili brand in our store. If you want beautiful and useful furniture that ensures aesthetics and resistance, this example of wooden beds by Zg Mobili è ciò that's right for you.

Double bedroom in a modern style equipped with a bed and two bedside tables. Wooden bed version with bed frame of 10cm length 213cm, width 172cm and height of the headboard 99cm. Slatted base and mattress are not included. Bedside tables with two drawers 48cm long, 54cm wide and 44cm high. With a choice of finishes, the è complex; available at € 850.00. The items are available to order, shipping varies from 30 to 35 days and delivery è included in the price.

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