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Modern living room furniture

TV stand composition in lacquered wood

This laminate proposal from the Orme brand finds space in modern-style living rooms. The different pieces of furniture in the living area perfectly equip an environment where you can relax, hang out with people, watch TV, work, have lunch. Orme offers a rich collection of wall unit solutions, to optimally equip the walls of the living room, giving a lot of practical surface to display and organize books, newspapers, objects. This and the different solutions of laminate wall units of the Orme brand will help to create spaces to store and show and will give a touch of elegance to our living room. Various elements to be placed side by side and assembled according to taste: visible or closed modules with doors, dividing elements, to give life to numerous versions. Modern style laminate wall units by Orme, which equip the Stays all’ practical signà and unique design. In the living rooms of our homes, different pieces of furniture coexist, including wall units, tables and chairs, and furnishing accessories. Modern composition in wood with suspended base and wall units of maximum length   300cm, Height 184cm and depthà maximum 42cm.  Item made to order with customizable material finishes on request, selectable from the sample in the image. The composition è offer starting from € 2.300,00 with finishes in wood material. 

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