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Tv Stand in Lacquered Wood

This and the various proposals of lacquered wood TV stands of the Mottes Mobili brand will be useful to create spaces to include and keep in sight and will give a glamorous touch to our living room. In the living rooms of our homes we will place different furnishings, including TV stands, tables and chairs, decorative objects. This lacquered wood solution from the Mottes Mobili brand has its right seat in modern-style living rooms. Mottes Mobili offers a rich series of TV stand compositions, to organize in a functional way the spaces of the living area, giving a lot of practical space to keep in view and order books, newspapers, small objects. The various furnishings of the living room best equip a room where you can relax, meet friends, watch television, work, eat meals. There are many elements to be placed side by side and assembled at will: open compartments or closed by doors, internal dividers, to give life to various configurations. TV stand in modern style lacquered wood signed by Mottes Mobili, which equip the Stays by combining practicalityà and well-studied lines.  Finishes: kalì PET maxximatt blackboard, Air larch Cortina, Air metal (in photo). Composition of Length 360cm and Depthà 36cm. Item made to order with customizable material finishes. 

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