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Eclipse tempered glass

Extendable aluminum table with polyurethane base and tempered glass top.   With Target Point glass tables è possible to customize our interiors with style. The qualityà of the finishes and the technology of the production processes make this product of extendable tables l& # 39; perfect purchase. Tables are the central point of sociality: people gather around the table to dine and talk. The choice of tables for the living room or for the kitchen environment must evaluate the style and functions we perform in this room. Tables equip the dining room in the living room. Target Point's glass tables proposal finds space in the modern-style living room of our home. Item ready for delivery with customizable finishes and dimensions (visible in the photo). Dimensions: Length 200cm extendable to 300cm, Height 75cm, Depthà 100cm, tempered glass top.    

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