Cloe model kitchen furniture 3 kitchens

modern kitchen Cloe model

corner kitchen with pantry columns, oven and microwave column, the bases with opening agola Plana model, and the door wall cabinets midway throat. the kitchen floor Okite 2 cm thick. with Bosch branded ellettromestici Class A

Modern silk kitchen with throat

Modular kitchen with columns for appliances special laminate flooring with hob on the ceiling cape peninsula. Opening with groove opening with plinth plus-plus.

Cloe linear model kitchen.

Cloe model cooking with Plana model gorges

Modern kitchen of our design Furnishing 3 kitchens a 4 ml linear composition. Complete with Rex class A electrodeemysts in gray oak finishing with opaque lacquered details. Built-in cupboard and sink with two steel tubs.

Proven├žal kitchen island with sink under top.

Viktoria Provencal wooden kitchen

Provencal style kitchen with large furniture capitals. Kitchen counter top and marble full of Bosch branded appliances. Corner kitchen with wooden island.

Virginia style kitchen in white ash ash.

Corner Kitchen Model Virginia

Furnitures Kitchen 3 Virginia style kitchen kitchens wood open porch open color white with wooden corner kitchen corner marble kitchen. Rex class A appliances with dishwasher, fragrant sink.

Round Kitchen Model

Linear kitchen with length 370 cm. Complete with branded Bosch appliances. It's a realization of tailored kitchen.

Flat corner kitchen in Okite Furnished 3 model kal

Kal Arredo3 kitchen kitchens

Corner kitchen of the Furniture 3 kitchens in white lime finish, with the counter top in Okite 2 cm. Gray color, with black induction plane, fragrant sink of plados black finish.

Lacquered lacquer kitchen realization Mottes Furniture

Kitchen model Glossy lacquered time

Kitchen model Angular time with two columns for built-in appliance, laminate floor with special volcano color for rounded peninsula. All Siemen branded appliances built-in.

Modern kal custom-made kitchen in gray oak

Kitchen Kal white oak

Modern kitchen branded Arredo3 model Kal in quality laminate with doors and fronts white oak drawers, combo of branded Candy appliances. Self-refillable Easy Inox self-sealing hood with Targhet gray leather eco-leather table and chairs, and a TV set with a basket.