Bedooms occasions

Night 01 San Michele

Double bedroom with wardrobe sliding glass doors, bedside tables with two drawers, com with coffered, wooden bed

Night 03 San Michele

The raised fronts along the horizontal bands of the bedside tables, of the wardrobe and the wardrobe, suggest an interesting aesthetic analogy with the stitching of the upholstered headboard, in an artisan quality realization.

Night 04 San Michele

Mottes Mobili re-reads and transforms the classic vision of the night space, in the light of a modern lifestyle. Traditional inspirations and tendencies of the present come together in a harmonious composition.

Night 05 San Michele

A concept that takes prestigious and lasting forms, thanks to a careful selection of materials and a high quality realization.

Night 06 San Michele

Dreamy and sensual atmosphere for this night room, characterized by a wide and original upholstered headboard, in a pleasant combination with the particular handles of the containers, and with the wardrobe with essential lines.

Goddess 1 San Michele

Bleached Olmo finish, Six door wardrobe with Classic door and Pandaro bed. College Group, College Mirror

Goddess 2 San Michele

Walnut finish, Six door wardrobe with Classic door. Fiokko upholstered bed, College Group

Goddess 3 San Michele

Bleached Elm Finish, Classic door wardrobe with hinged doors. Rosa Tea, Classic Group

Goddess 4 San Michele

Patinated Finish, Wardrobe with three sliding doors Classic door with decoration.Land Calcetto, College Group

Goddess 5 San Michele

Walnut / Patinated Finish, Six door hinged wardrobe Classic door.Land Calcetto, College Group and College Mirror

Goddess 6 San Michele

Patinated Finish, Bridge wardrobe with hinged doors, columns with support compartment. Calcetto

Goddess 7 San Michele

Noce finish, Six door wardrobe with hinged door Cornice.Let Pink Tea, Classic Group, Venere Mirror