Cabinets occasions

San Michele Silk-screened Glass Door Wardrobe

The open-pore ash veneered wood wardrobe and the wardrobe are inserted in the architectural context of the night space with the fascinating presence of silk-screened mirrored glass.

Classic San Michele sliding door wardrobe

The wardrobe with sliding doors is an essential presence, in line with today's needs, but able to become an integral part also in traditional architecture, always expressing a refined elegance.

Modern wardrobe with six San Michele doors

The combination of ash wood veneer surfaces is the distinguishing feature of this wardrobe with leaf-shaped handles and a terminal with side open compartments, in harmony with a dynamic lifestyle.

Wardrobe with Batting Doors of San Michele Design

The Precious Reflections of the Mirror with Bronze Finish, the dark shades of the Cotto Ash and the Elegance of the Leaf Handles, in a wardrobe made even more versatile by the terminal with side open compartments.

Modern Corner Cabinet in White Ash

The modularity of the wardrobe allows you to make the most of every space, as in this corner composition that includes a specific compartment for TV, in a synthesis of traditional inspirations and modern techniques.

Easy wardrobe 02

Modern wardrobe customizable folding doors in wood finish, veining and interior with various accessories.

Easy 03 wardrobe

Modern wardrobe with hinged doors with agola opening, a central open bookcase. Custom furniture in various finishes chosen by the customer.

Easy 04 wardrobe

Corner cabinet Easy 04 model, customizable customizable in various elements closed doors, drawers, bookcases, to tastefully furnish your home.

Easy 05 wardrobe

Modern wardrobe minimal functional shapes, eg to make every home-made sweep of your home. the elegance of the selected materials: laminated materials with veins in relief, or opaque lacquered.

Easy 06 wardrobe

Easy 06 modern wardrobe moedello custom made and customizable in various finishes

Easy 07 wardrobe

Modern hinged door wardrobe in laminated material, with four hatches and two notched doors.

Easy 08 wardrobe

Wardrobe sliding doors, very functional and practical, to recover the room in the room. Choice in finishing materials, flexibility in measurements to create your custom closet.

Power 01

Modern wardrobe with sliding doors finishes of your choice

Power 02

Modern wardrobe in laminate with a choice of finishes, laminate or material. Power model cabinet of the ZG furniture

Power 03

sliding wardrobe, with blumotion closures, inside three shelves and a chest of drawers with three drawers, in various customizable finishes.

Power 04

modern wardrobe the practicality of sliding doors, with two open bookshelves elements.

Power 06

Cabinet with hinged doors, to furnish your home in an exclusive and elegant way.

Power 07

Modern custom-made two-wall wardrobe.

Power 08

An extraordinary composition, of great effect that exploits the corner cabin with two 45 cm doors. It can also be made to measure in various materials and laminated materials

Power 9

Modern cabinet model Power of the ZG Mobili collection thirty-nine.

Power 10

Modern wardrobe minimal essential lines, our proposal on offer in our shop.

Power 11

Cabinet with four hinged doors Halzza 258 with internal shelves in laminated material, finishes of your choice

Power 12

Double hinged three-door amadio 258 with two open bookcase modules. The laminate finishes in various materials.