Children's room occasions

The best children's rooms on offer

Three-door wardrobe with long handles

modern bedroom colorful laminate material

Modern bedroom un'andiao composed of three hinged doors, the source-side with a length 405 as shown, with the linear desk and on the wall all Mesole thick and the frame in white metal compete in the single bed in wood.

colored wardrobe for kids bedroom

modern bedroom by model boys Fantasy

Modern bedroom discounted price quality discounted occasion. A proposal to decorate the room of your house, tastefully without daring too much on details that are tiring with time, a tireless solution in years. Complete with everything having also reduced spaces.

modern bedroom

laminate material bedroom discount of 50 # 37

Cabinets with hinged doors in colored pore melamine laminate Ash opened, a beautiful bedroom dui quality granted to decorate a child's room with style and quality at a price accessible directly. composed of bed study area with large corner desk and bed

Bedroom with the bed for one and a half with the container

Little room for modern quality guys sontata

Bedroom for boys a nice type of traditional bedroom to last for both furniture form but especially for large material thicknesses. A Agrande wardrobe with four hinged doors light wood finish with a front wall of thick shelves with functionality that furnishes spaces

Bedroom with the bed for one and a half

Bedroom with large bed in colorful modern style

Wardrobe with three swing doors with rounded library with bed 1/2 the colored wood headboard and low footboard, with study area with a desk and a bookcase apoggiata colored earth, all in light wood finish laminate material with in combination with the yellow

for colored children's bedroom with sliding wardrobe

bedroom laminate material of large thickness being a quality product the panels used are well 2.5cm thick. besides also al'estecica the quality that is palpable. the wardrobe sliding doors with lilac colored facades in conjunction headboard colored fabric.

colored bedroom model Oliver

Modern colorful bedroom for boys

Modern bedroom in the laminate material for kids complete with wardrobe with four doors, linear desk and double-sided bookcase with metal frame.

Bedroom furniture discounted model of Oliver mottes

Room with two upholstered beds for garazzi in modern style

Oliver's bedroom model complete with two beds of a person in lilac colored fabric. A large desk island with two contoured seats with rounded corners and a double sided bookcase view two sides to insert on the center room, with white metal structure

Room with two beds on the ground

Oliver's bedroom with the bed coffered

Oliver model modern quality solution for a large room to create a wardrobe at Great Wall with four hinged doors with a bridge element which cash in on the peninsula desk, two complete slatted single beds with pull-out drawers under beds .

aponte bedroom with second bed discount of 50 # 37

Modern bridge bedroom with an upholstered bed

Bedroom to the deck with a wardrobe big roomy with a side compartment of the column above the bed of the capacious cupboards, a del'armadio of 305 cm length. and height 260 cm. The desk that we included linear with depth 60 cm lenght 225. with four colored wall units, to create two study stations. The material of 3.5 cm thick laminated panels. a qu

Bedroom bridge with two pull-out beds

Bedroom with bridging corner cupboard

Oliver's bedroom model with two pull-out beds on wheels and pull-out desks under the bed. A wardrobe big angolre with wardrobe. A quality room in melamine material big 3.5 cm thick. to resist in time and create durable, stylish decoration in years.

Desk colored shelves for discounted room 50 # 37

Bedroom to the deck with a bed and desk

Bedroom for boys discounted 50 # 37 model Oliver in melamine of high thickness of 3.5cm. a product of great quality. It composed of a wardrobe with bridging the side column with two doors and under the bed with a pullout drawer. Colored elm, white and yellow.

Corner bridge wardrobe

Bedroom with corner bridge wardrobe, model Oliver

Bedroom discount of 50 # 37 modelo Oliver quality melamine with a big 3.5 cm thick panels. for a great quality and long lasting product. A composition with angular bridge wardrobe on two walls with the bed for a person under bridge and corner desk

Bedroom with bunk beds

Room with two beds in the loft

Bedroom with wardrobes or three-hinged doors in abbinamneto a bunk bed with two beds with white tubular structure, a library supporting side of thick panels. Discounted 50 # 37 Oliver model in white finish and blue.

Bedroom with bunk bed for one and a half

Bedroom with loft bed discount of 50 # 37

for colored children's bedroom a linear composition with loft bed with twin metal frame white finish, with orange colored wardrobe with four doors and white with desk area strudio a room discounted 50 # 37

Bunk bed for one and a half hours for bedroom

colored room with bunk bed discount of 50 # 37

Bedroom discount of 50 # 37 an ideal solution for those who have little spazzio with a bunk bed and wardrobe four lilac colored doors. A corner desk with two zones functional study. With the possibility of adding other furnitures and customize the colors and finishes.

Bedroom for boys discounted 50 # 37 furniture mottes

Bedroom loft with two beds and a corner cupboard

Room with two beds in the loft with ladder wooden steps to get on the upper bed. Cab corner cupboard with large closet colored blunt library. Oliver's bedroom model a quality product discounted 50 # 37

Loft bed room child

Bedroom model Oliver discounted 50 # 37

Oliver's bedroom model for children, with two beds, a loft, with a high bed and a bed under the bridge, on the back of the three steps to get on the upper bed. A cabinet column two large doors, study area with linear desk. Laminate material quality .The linear desk with lunghezza180 cm. and 60 cm depth. ideal for two kids, complete with drawers.

Bedroom colored bridge

Bridge bedroom with two beds

Oliver's bedroom model, to 3.5 cm thick bridge structure, durable, suitable for children, with an adjoining closet with two doors flanked by a library user side. Also adjacent to the bed, there is a study area with a desk peninsula the size of 95 cm x 57 cm.