Footnotes 14

€ 1.600,00

€ 3.200,00
Discount -50%

Platinum lacquered star model platen

A furniture that knows how to decorate with class and qualityà a living modern living, element shapes highlights the sophistication  of every detail. Nowadays you always try to find a smooth, smooth shapes, this Orme collection proposes to meet the needs of the sophisticated customer. The bases with plus-plus opening baskets with the two wall arrays, 26-day-to-day element with a è giant movement; a pò the particolarità as the 26th-26th day element to create the d& # 39 plan, television stand supports dark olm finish. The length of our present proposition è of 300 cm. depthà of bases 47 cm. and 35 cm wall shelves. length of 186 cm.

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