Night 04 Contemporary

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Room 04 San Michele

Mottes Mobili re-reads and transforms the classic vision of the night space, in the light of a modern lifestyle. Traditional inspirations and trends of the present, blends in harmonious composition, satisfying dreams and personal desires, but also addressing concrete needs and entering with versatilityà in every architectural space. A concept that takes prestigious and lasting forms, thanks to a careful selection of materials and to a high-quality production. The headboard of the double bed, padded è furrowed by seams that take up the graphic theme of the wooden handles of the bedside tables, the comò and dell& # 39; closet, with hinged doors, as a further variation on the theme. 
The finishes in Natura Ash, Mocha Quartz, Moka, L& # 39; Oreadi hinged wardrobe with handles in Nature Ash. Double bed (excluding the net and the mattress) Moire model with padded faux leather panel color E73. Bedside and comò group; Oreadi model with Olgo Moka quartz handles.

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