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Wooden wardrobe with San Michele screen printed glass

Mottes Mobili re-reads and transforms the classic vision of the night space, in the light of a modern lifestyle. Traditional inspirations and trends of the present, blends in harmonious composition, satisfying dreams and personal desires, but also addressing concrete needs and entering with versatilityà in every architectural space. A concept that takes prestigious and lasting forms, thanks to a careful selection of materials and to a high-quality production. A beautiful open-pore ash wood veneer wardrobe with large thicknesses. Its dimensions: length 280 cm, height 258 cm, depthà 64 cm. inside as in the picture the clothes hangers shelves and a chest of drawers three drawers, the two doors with slow closing. The wardrobe fits into the architectural context of the night space, helping to organize it as well as to aesthetically characterize it with the fascinating presence of silk-screened mirrored glass. The materials of open-pore sand ash wood, geometric silk-screened mirrored doors, sliding doors wardrobe model Napee. 

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