Modern bedroom with a square and a bat in padded fabric

€ 1.680,00

€ 2.400,00
Discount -30%

Modern bedroom with the bed for one and bat including the container.

Bedroom for kids to decorate with style and personalityà the spazzio of your home. E& # 39; It consists of a large wardrobe closet with size 212 cm and height 260 cm. complete with shelves the-finish 26- # 39; &in closet egrave; light wood. A fully furnished wall with a shoulder bookcase  to create a bridge spazzio with the bed and study area with a desk sided island. The main feature of this Calmette are all the materials of large thickness for its employees to create a 3.5& # 39; real furnishings of qualityà at a price very accessible directly and competitive. This è our own realizaione, we will also get the chanceà customize both in color finishes and components with various measures.

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