sliding doors with two fixed and two sliding doors

Our company Mottes of the brand doors Furniture offers Maronese ACF discounted by 30 # 37. This è solution; ideal to separate your wardrobe from the rest of the room by using a sliding door system on track fixed to the ceiling and floor.
This solution allows you to separate even large environments without losing the full freedomà of choice and interpret different environments by type and style, always with great functionalityà and aesthetic sense.
The Floor&series nbsp; pu&memorize options be  formed by  two doors  fixed and two sliding doors on ceiling track and ground. The chassis you can&memorize options choose from brushed aluminum, painted white or painted matt cocoa.
The doors are 18 mm thick and can be paneled with  the style of solid wood panels as shown in the photo. They can also be chosen measurement:   high by 2 meters up to 2,870 meters long and between 3.3 meters to  4.5 meters.
In the price, which varies depending on the type of door,   is listed for all the kit necessary for the fixing of rails and closing kit slowed.
Chanceà personalizzre of your doors and eventually deliver them home.

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