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Meg Modern Kitchen Customizable

The kitchen must be highly aesthetic, but also functional and safe. The choice of Kitchens in the matt lacquered finish of Arredo3 presents excellent customization suggestions for the space of the home where we have the habit of carrying out very different actions. Modularityà of elements and a wide range of materials make this Meg Modern Kitchen solution the best choice for organizing the kitchen according to your needs. Refined, this solution of Modern Meg kitchen in matt lacquer becomes a witness of a current mood, guarantees all the excellence of the Arredo3 brand. Arredo3 presents first choice materials for tops and doors, appliances of the best brands, finishes in step with the evolution of design.

A new concept of contemporaneità, revisited starting from the study of detail. Details in brass or titanium combined with careful research come together
in a language rich in personality, giving life to environments with a strong character. The distinctive feature of the 26-rsquo; door &is; created by the minimal relief of the frame, a refined and desired detail to give maximum freedom; expressive to the various styles.

Blond oak, fog lacquered and black Fenix determine a feeling of great modernity, emphasized by the geometry that is inerromper only in the play of heights between the wall unit and the snack top. The doors with fog lacquered embossed frame meet grooves and bases in burnished aluminum.
Harmonious results l’ integration between the worktop and the resting table.

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